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Over Semansys Technologies B.V.

Semansys Technologies is a software company based in The Netherlands. It is Semansys Technologies’ mission to provide standard based software to enable financial and business reporting requirements. We strive to be the subject matter experts with comprehensive knowledge and active involvement in the market and industry to help you rapidly navigate changes globally. Our success ensures you have reduced your risk and optimized your business processes in this domain through the innovative application of technology.

With over ten years of experience Semansys Technologies is a well-established supplier of XBRL and business reporting software solutions. Our enterprise customers appreciate our attention to detail and high-quality products and services. Semansys is one of the few ISO and XBRL certified suppliers of XBRL products and services in the market today. Some of our long term and loyal customers are: Achmea, Ernst & Young, Mazars, Nationale Nederlanden, PwC, Unit4, and Wolters Kluwer.

Semansys Technologies is dedicated to the high quality and standardization which enterprises require. Semansys Technologies holds multiple certifications and is audited on a regular basis. The certifications include ISO9001 (Quality Management), ISO20000-1 (Service Management), ISO27001 (Security Management) and XBRL Certification of the core engine. In 2021, we also anticipate having our SOC2 type 1 attestation report and a type 2 report by Q3 2022.

Our core engine (embedded in all our software including SemansysNext) is XBRL Certified by XBRL International. Where a certification is not possible (e.g., ESEF), we can provide test results showing our compliance with the defined filing requirements.

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Semansys Technologies B.V.

Ouden Middenweg 31-53, 2nd Floor 2491 AC The Haque
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