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Over Semansys Technologies B.V.

Semansys Technologies is a leading vendor of software solutions for financial reporting and business monitoring based on semantics and XBRL. The company offers a uniquely comprehensive solution set that increases speed, quality and transparency in the exchange of information throughout 'the financial supply chain'. The software helps regulators reduce risks and administrative burden.

For preparers of XBRL based business reports, Semansys provide easy to use and efficient reporting solutions. The products range include:

- Easy to use desktop solutions for taxonomy building, XBRL reporting and XBRL viewing.

- Semansys built the first online XBRL solution: xbrlOne. This Cloud –SaaS for XBRL solution provides taxonomy building for regulators and

  businesses, XBRL creation, validation for core XBRL, Formula Linkbase and Dutch banks SVR validation, XBRL rendering, Inline XBRL

  and additionally document management, communication and archive. xbrlOne web services provides the platform for partners and regulators

  to support large numbers of customers and fillers.

 - xbrlOne contains a self services community and company registry with self service user and right management, billing and

  subscription management.

Semansys is the global main XBRL technology provider for the software industry. The XBRL technology from the company is used by companies around the world including; Microsoft, IBM-Cognos, Unit4 Business Software, Unit4 Consist, FRSGlobal, Prophix, Pro-Management, Accept, Cash, Visionplanner, and many others using our desktop XBRL OEM components, desktop solution and or the xbrlOne SaaS platform.

 The use of open standards allows users of this software to deploy innovative real time business monitoring techniques such as daily balance sheets and continuous auditing. Semansys is closely involved in the development and global adoption of XBRL and realized the world’s first implementation of this standard. Semansys is based in The Netherlands.


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