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Magnitude unlocks the power of enterprise applications to help customers transform data into insight and insight into action. Leading enterprises around the world use Magnitude’s software to integrate data across diverse and distributed systems, increase productivity with no-code process automation tools, and make better business decisions with self-service process analytics and business intelligence for the leading ERP platforms. The Magnitude Angles portfolio offers solutions for both Oracle and SAP ERPs to transform and enhance your organization’s supply chain data, turning it into simple-to-use, actionable insight. It puts the power of prescriptive analytics into the hands of the people who need it most – the business users. Angles provides self-service, cross-process, analytical power that enables your team to analyze, combine and interrogate information from across the value chain. It uniquely understands the way YOUR ERP system is configured, extracting configuration settings as well as data. This enables it to understand complex process relationships, which allows for the addition of new calculations, statuses and fields that highlight exceptions, bottlenecks, shortages, inconsistencies and delays, something no other product on the market can do. Then it simplifies the data – transforming complicated SAP and Oracle speak into understandable business language that doesn’t require you to be an ERP expert to decipher.

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