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Infinite Observations specializes in the development of sophisticated digital online solutions that incorporates Web Design, Geo-ICT (GIS), Big Data, Data Analysis, Data Science, Advance Analytics, Machine Learning using (for example Python, R, ...) to aid Civil & Structural Engineering and our own ZineQx Disaster Risk Management Application for Flood Risk Management, Disaster Risk Reduction and Prevention to mitigate the effects of natural and man made disasters (including global warming, sea level rise and ultimately Climate Change).


  • Web Design,
  • Sophisticated Web Applications,
  • Scalable Applications,
  • Data Collection,
  • Data Governance,
  • e-Commerce,
  • Online Portfolio's,
  • Geo-ICT (GIS),
  • Big Data,
  • Data Analysis,
  • Data Science,
  • Remote Sensing,
  • Advance Analytics,
  • Machine Learning,
  • Civil, Environmental & Structural Consultancy, Design, Management & Engineering,
  • (Natural & Man-made) Disaster Risk Management,
  • Scientific Research & Innovation,
  • Climate Change (Global Warming)

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