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We know the agriculture industry
ABS is marketleader ERP for the seed industry
ABS helping you grow

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“ABS is the Market Leader when it comes to porviding an integrated ERP software system for the Seed Industry”

Moving Forward

Our expertise in the seed industry uniquely positions us as an industry leader. Our ability to speak your language means you can expect a level of understanding and service far superior to other ERP providers.

This service is at the core of our mission at ABS which is to help companies to achieve their goals in growth, profitability and establishing a positive working environment, by providing the best supporting software system and consultancy.

We provide a variety of talents, practical industry knowledge, experience, expertise and insights that add significant value to your ABS software. Our talented employees deliver the tools necessary to meet your demands. We also serve as trusted advisors, supporting the business at every turn in helping you to meet your business goals.

Agro Business Solutions is a software company that provides management with accurate and real-time information that connects seamlessly with the agricultural sector.

The ABS software enables agricultural companies to better structure their information and make the right decisions. This allows them to improve and grow their profitability.

ABS helping you grow!

By professionalizing current products and developing new ones, ABS wants to increase its market share worldwide. We know the logistics and quality processes in the agricultural sector. From the beginning of the chain, the starting material, to the end of the chain, the consumer; ABS supports the companies in this sector with appropriate information and overview, so that they can continue to grow and be profitable.

ABS distinguishes itself in the market by offering the functionality that is required in nearly all business processes. Customization is made for the customer if necessary and then also becomes available for other customers.

ABS delivers quality and is reliable. In order to fulfill its mission, ABS is focused on continuity, to serve its customers for a long period of time.

ABS provides organizational advice and standard software solutions specifically for agriculture for more than 20 years. Our solutions are implemented with breeding companies, seed multiplication companies and fresh produce companies. Our customers are world leading companies in their branch and mostly active in field crops, vegetables and flowers. The software can handle all product forms like seeds, bulbs, plugs and composed products.

ABS helping you grow

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